In 1952    Our older generation established “Cui Ying Handbag Factory” in Hongkong, to build up a significant base for the inheritance and development of the leather ware craftsmanship.

In 1996    With the older generation’s experience of leather ware, we established “Sui Ying Leather Ware Co., Ltd.” in Shenzhen,Guangdong Province, and registered a self-owned brand “PALIO” in China,  afterwards we started the development, production and sales of the “PALIO” brand.

In 2000    We built up a new production base “Xin Sui Ying Leather Ware Co., Ltd.” which located in our hometown - Kaiping City, Guangdong Province. With the continuous development of our brand, we registered “PALIO” trademark and sell “PALIO” products in other countries, such as Russia, Japan, Germany, Norway, Poland, Spain, Italy, France......etc.

In 2010    In order to create stronger vitality for our branding development, we established “Xin Sui Ying Tannery”, to develop and produce genuine leather products.



1952年     我们的前辈在香港创办了“萃英手袋厂” ,为皮具制品工艺的传承与发展奠定良好的根基。

1996年     我们吸纳了前辈对皮具制品的阅历与经验,在广东省深圳市创办了“穗英皮具制品有限公司”,并在中国注册 “PALIO”品牌,开始了中国自主品牌的研发,生产,销售。

2000年     我们选址家乡——广东省开平市,成立“新穗英皮具有限公司”。随着品牌的不断发展,我们分别在俄罗斯、日本、德国、挪威、波兰、西班牙、意大利、法国等国家注册和销售。

2010年     我们成立“新穗英皮革制品有限公司”,自主研发、生产真皮皮革制品。为品牌发展创造了更强的生命力。

We strive together to achieve a better future

我们携手 成就更好